Ugly Kid Gus


  • 1a: deficient in beauty,
  •  2adjective:  provoking horror
  • 3adjective:  displeasing to the senses and morally revolting (“An ugly face”)


  • 1 verb:tell false information to for fun
  • 2 name: A surname (very rare)
  • 3 noun: A young person of either sex


  • 1 A male given name
  • 2 Traveler, in love with life, looking forward to do the best of him, Rocker and beer drinker

  • 3 crazy ugly nomad person
I’m Powerful and open-minded, Love to travel and meet people everywhere I go. I love challenges and of course I live my life extremely crazy. I believe that you have to learn from everything and you need the constantly reviewing of your life. I Been travel around the world so I already visited around 30 countries and i’m just starting…So Lady Gaia: here I Go!!!!!
I have several jobs because I want ro retired young, so i’m doing everything I can to make my dream come true and have the chance of travel the rest of my life.
Favorite Quote:“Beer is living proof that god loves us and wants to see us happy” Benjamin Franklin.
Universe is the Limit!

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